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IsoCore Classic

Traviloc Luxury Vinyl is 100% Waterproof with close cell IsoCore technology that is incorporated into each plank for superb dimensional stability. NEW & Patented DROPLOCK 100 click system – The most simple/fast and effective click system on the market. Traviloc has an Expansion / Contraction rate below 0,05%.

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Tundra Oak White
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Smoked Oak Almond
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Smoked Oak Silver
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Markham Oak Light
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Tundra Oak Weathered
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Rustic Hickory
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Mighty Oak Frost
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Fissure Oak White

AboutIsoCore Classic

The Traviloc ISOCORE Classic plank combines a simple drop-and-lock installation featuring innovative ISOCORE Classic Technology™.  It has a waterproof, strong, and stable core that offers outstanding performance, durability and longevity.  ISOCORE Classic features an engineered closed-cell PVC structural core that is 100% waterproof and it is rigid and dimensionally stable with sound-mitigating underlayment to help minimize sound travel. Traviloc can be installed over existing floors such as natural wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, and even ceramic, saving you both time and money.

  • Wear Layer: 0,55mm Ceramic Bead
  • Panel Size: 1210 x 190 x 7mm
  • Box Size: 1.84m² / 8 Panels
  • Edges: Micro Bevelled
  • Weight of box: 13kg
  • Lock: Droplock 100
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Strong, rigid and dimensionally stable, installs up to 30m x 30m without expansion profiles
  • Installs over most existing hard surfaces, including ceramic tile
  • No telegraphing from minor subfloor imperfections
  • No acclimatisation required in residential applications
  • Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of surface mould and mildew, while discouraging growth of hidden mould beneath the floor
  • Premium Attached Foam Underlayment improves sound absorption for a quieter environment
  • Enhanced protection against scuffs and abrasions with a tough, transparent wear layer with enhanced ceramic bead finish
  • Superior stain, fade and wear resistance
  • Combines the beauty of hardwood , the durability of LVT and the ease of click installation
  • Recommended for Retail, Hospitality, Multi-family, Corporate, Educational, and Residential environments