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Introducing two all new “square edged” laminate ranges from Turkish manufacturer Camsan. The “Silver” AC3 range offers affordable quality while the “Klasik” AC4 range offers colours and patterns from nature that allow the design of unique living spaces.

Both ranges feature the ultra-high density core board from Camsan which results in lower swell rates than standard laminates. Camsan utilises the 2G Valinge locking system known to deliver superior short end joint strength and overall structural integrity. Camsan has the track record of being the first Turkish manufacturer of MDF and boasts a program of responsible sourcing and production.

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Ilgaz Oak
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Gediz Oak
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Aras Oak
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Acar Oak
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Abant Oak
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Liva Oak
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Milas Oak
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Modern Oak
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Pera Oak
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Sakaraya Oak

About Camsan

Panel Size: 192.5x1200x8mm

Wear Layer: Silver | AC3, Klasik | AC4

Box Size: 1.85m2/8 Panels

Box weight: 13kg

Guarantee: Silver | 10 Year Residential, Klasik | 15 Year Residential

Lock: Valingie 2G

Edges: Square Edge

Core: Ultra High Density HDF

Camsan Parkelam has 10 beautiful Decors. 4 in the Silver AC3 collection and 6 in the Klasik AC4 collection and are available with colour coordinated Skirts, Profiles and Scotia’s.

The use of Ultra High Density HDF Core offers lower swell rates then regular laminates.

Both the Silver and Klasik Collections are produced to the highest international standards.

Valingie 2G locking System innovation offers superior short end lock strength, with an extra tight fit. Not only does this aid with protecting your floor from moisture damage, but will also ensure that your floor will hold its structural integrity for the duration of your Warranty period.

The use of Travi-Lay Black (sound reducing underlay) is recommended.

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